In an MMORPG metaverse called the ONEverse, become a Puff in the Puff Army set to retake their planets.


Puffs are in a battle with the Dark Ones to reclaim their four home planets. It is up to you to help fight back!


Once the Puffs battle has concluded, you will be able to breed your Puffs to create an entire family.

open world

Explore the Puff universe, level up your Puff, gather resources, and work towards building your stats for the big battle versus the Dark Ones.


By completing quests, working with your Puff teammates, building a farm, arbitraging on market, or many other methods, you can earn OV token as a reward.









Vision for the Puffs

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We have spent a lot of time developing & creating the ideas & imagery behind Puffs and the universe surrounding them. We want to make sure the launch process is seamless & easy for everyone involved. We will build out the Discord & Twitter communities, release info about PuffDAO & PuffLounge, begin probing for community mods & talent, & get ready for a fair mint! Be sure to stay tuned into the Discord & Twitter to be up to date on what is happening!
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After we complete a 100% mint, our sole priority is delivering to the community on our promises in a timely and organized manner. We will proceed to release the PuffDAO & PuffLounge, prepare Puffs for their deployment within the universe, hire incredible community talent to help further the goal of Puffs including community managers, moderators, support roles, development positions, and more. We will work with other projects in the community to partner in multiple aspects, and continue building out the core of the Puffs ecosystem. Our #1 priority is developing something that hasn't been done in blockchain gaming thus far and we believe we can become one of the premier blockchain games within the ecosystem! At this stage, we will also be applying for the Harmony Grant program in order to hire on more talent along with ad-spend for bringing in new users.
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Once we have hit all the previous milestones and have concluded with an alpha/beta test, release of the P2E Puffs metaverse will happen. We will also begin to gather trusted members of the community for beta testing of the breeding mechanism & test integration with gaming, release some fun surprise extras such as 3D-printed collectibles, new holder reward tiers, in-game rewards, etc and begin doing large things with PuffDAO in coordination with other partner projects. At this time we will also continue to develop improvements based on community feedback for the metaverse. We are sure there will be lots of good feedback on the game & we plan to implement & move quickly based on our player's inquiries. All game-breaking bugs will be fixed first, if any, then we will move onto other aspects! We are planning to hire multiple people from the community to help with different stages of development.
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After all of this is completely done (woohoo), we will hire any more community talent to help us with any development needs for finishing the metaverse to AAA quality completion along with finish our other long term goals not yet discussed. This is something not many blockchain games have strived to do & it is our #1 goal to make a fun, immersive, P2E experience that has a very polished high level of quality. We will also be able to fully release the breeding mechanism to allow you to create another Puff after finding a mate & doing the tasks needed to breed! Bonus airdrop surprise for all long-term holders who held their Puffs will happen & anyone who didn't hold till the full release will miss out on all future rewards. We look forward to seeing you in the metaverse & will continue to bring you new and improved ideas along with execution throughout the entire process. We hope you will join us, there is much more where this came from.

current mint cost

444 ONE
Full access to Puff Game
Access to ONEverse DAO
Access to Discord Roles
24/7 Support in Discord